How to Make a Funny Adult Birthday Custom Song

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As we get older, and we accumulate everything we could possibly need or want the process of gifting a present becomes quite difficult. If you have someone in your life with an impending birthday, and you are completely out of ideas, it may be time to think about creating a funny, personalized song for the person in your life who has everything.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a comedian, you can write a funny personalized song – really! With a few simple tips, you can write a personalized song for a special someone’s birthday that they will always remember!

Here are some tips to get you thinking creatively when writing your personalized song:

Consider your Inspiration

Sure, the birthday person is your ultimate inspiration, but what about that person are you going to hone in on in the song? Sometimes making something rather ordinary into a funny song works best, so ask yourself what makes the person different, unique, or funny? Is it her funny way of laughing? Does he like to tell silly jokes? Is she a less-than-great cook?

Think of something that makes the recipient laugh. In other words, be sensitive to not talk about something the recipient may not find very funny.

Consider the Style of your Song

Will your personalized song be set to a rap? A classical tune? An R&B classic?  Knowing the genre of your song will help you tremendously during the writing process. If the recipient has a favorite artist or favorite song, consider writing the lyrics to accompany the music. Or, you can use one of the many music software programs and create your own custom music, complete with your very own beat and tempo. It’s up to you how far you want to take it and how much time you have to devote to this birthday present.

Consider the Rhyming Component

The easiest way to write a personalized song and organize it is through rhymes. If you have a particularly funny word to describe the recipient, start by thinking of words that rhyme. An effective way to write a song is often to write it backwards. In other words, start at the end, write a line, and then write the line that immediately precedes it. You’ll end up with more of a “punch line” type of song, which often works best for funny songs.

A great way to write funny songs is to think about clichés, opposites, and common catch phrases. When writing a funny song, the only rule is that there are no rules! Have fun, relax, and try to capture the heart of your recipient without insulting or embarrassing him or her.

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