Tips on Writing Songs

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Everyone has a different process for writing songs. Some musicians write the words and then the music while others write the music and then the words. Some musicians even write both the words and the music at the same time. For this post, we've put together a few tips for writing songs after you claim an order on Custom Songs.

The real value in the uniqueness of a personalized song are the memories and emotions that are captured in the story told through the music. So the first tip is to lay out the information provided by the customer. Really understand what they are trying to convey and re-order it as you would if you were telling a story. Figure out what the recurring message is and make that the central point of your chorus. If there are any holes in the story you are putting together, or if you need more information about something the customer said, make sure you ask questions. Send the customer a message and see if they can inspire more words and information about the event you are writing for.

Next start scripting your words. Writing songs is like writing poetry. There has to be a flow, a rhyme and a rhythm to the words even if you don’t know exactly what the music will sound like. One idea is to build a song that tells the story you want on paper and then count each line to a metronome beat to see how it sounds.

If you get stuck on transitioning from a certain line, you might be able to think of words that rhyme and work backwards. See if any of the information the customer provided fits where you need the words to fall (just make sure it doesn't break the story you’re telling!).

Once you’re happy with it, double check for spelling errors (ESPECIALLY if any names are included) and send it over to the customer to check it out! Make sure you title the song and ask them to review carefully before you get too far with the music in case any changes need to be made.

Have you ever tried writing a song based on information someone else provided? What tips do you have? Add them to the comments below!

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