Say Yes To A Custom Song For Your Marriage Proposal

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So you want to ask her to marry you but are feeling a bit inadequate after witnessing all those exciting and entertaining marriage proposals that keep popping up on YouTube... If you’ve always had a love of music or even just have a wistfully romantic side, then you may want to consider creating a custom love song to help in your marriage proposal planning.

Custom love songs are the perfect opportunity to tell her how you feel about her, about you and her and about your love for her. Custom love songs express how you really feel in one of the most romantic ways possible.

Custom love songs are all about making her feel special with music as original as your love.

Using Websites to Make Custom Love Songs

If you’re creative, you can write your own lyrics that express your love for her and add them to pre-recorded music using your computer. Another option is to use a website like to work with a talented musician that can take your ideas, memories and feelings and turn them into a completely custom song: lyrics, music and all.

To start creating your custom love song, write your feelings on paper. Reach back to memories of times where you thought “I could love her forever,” and make sure that they are referenced in your song.

Once your song is complete you can surprise her over a romantic, candlelit dinner. Or maybe surprise her by adding it to her phone as her ringtone for you. There are millions of ways to say “Will you marry me?” and a custom song is one of the most heartfelt and everlasting.

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