5 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Date Night

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Your significant other tells you that they want YOU to create the perfect date night. Quick! What do you do? Is it off to Applebee’s and the latest Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy? Maybe, but if you’re looking for something different, we have a few ideas on how to make a date night special!

  1. Pack up dinner and get out! If the weather is good put together a nice meal (or antipasto for the non-chefs) to pack a picnic with a bottle of wine and a blanket. You can head to the beach, a lake, the park or anywhere that you might have nice scenery. Don’t forget to bring an MP3 player with music (maybe even a custom love song?) that you can play in the background for ambiance.
  2. Do something THEY want to do. Maybe he likes going to the shooting range but you’re not crazy about the noise. Or maybe she’s always talking about this museum that she is dying to check out but no one will go with her. To plan a perfect date night (or day) try doing something they want to do.
  3. Sunset walks. Don’t underestimate the romantic power of a pink and tangerine sky. Go for a walk together along the shoreline or across downtown to your favorite coffee shop. Between the fresh air and open sky, this is sure to make your date special.
  4. Make something together. Set up a date where you get to come home with a souvenir that you made together. There are art studios where you get to create your own paintings that you can take home. Some studios might even have pottery classes where you can make a vase or something decorative together. Heck, you’ve seen Ghost! You can probably make an ashtray and it will still be romantic.
  5. Custom Songs. We have to say it! A personalized song as a special ‘I love you’ gift is sure to make them swoon because it is something completely unique and just for them.

When love is in the air, where do you go? We want to know what your idea of a perfect date is? Tell us in the comments!

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