Custom Party Favor Ideas For Kids

Birthday party favors for kids are a great time to get creative! Putting a little thought into a unique gift will make sure that every partier has a memento that lasts.

Here are a few of our favorite custom party favor ideas for your next kids party:

Framed pictures

We love the idea of taking pictures of the kids at your party, printing them out and then placing them in a custom picture frame they made themselves! A good place to start is at a craft store where you can find frames that are sold in large packs for just a few dollars. Pick up stickers, pompoms and glitter and let the kids go to town decorating and designing their frames. Snap pictures and print them out at home on a photo printer (make sure you have photo paper and plenty of ink) and Voila! The kids can take home their custom frames and pictures with them after the birthday party.

Candy Bar

Make every little kids dream come true with their idea of the best buffet ever: a candy bar. You can buy small party boxes or bags and set up glass vases, jars and bowls with an assortment of candy. Don’t forget to buy a scoop too! Once the party is over and the kids are ready to leave, they can fill their party favor bags with a custom mix of sweet treats.

A Potted Flower

A potted flower makes a lovely party favor and party activity! Start with small, terracotta pots (which, as a bonus, are very inexpensive at your local garden supply center). Set up bright colored water-based paints and let them decorate the pots. Then, fill the pots with soil and either plant seeds or small flowers for them to take home. Even if the plants don’t last forever, the pot can be used over and over again.

Personalized Music CD for Kids

Kids love to dance, so a personalized music CD is always a great choice for a party favor! For a super exclusive touch, have a custom song created just for the birthday girl or boy and include that on your CD. It will be the most unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday and give your party guests a gift that they have never heard before!

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