Tips for Getting The Romantic Lyrics You Want

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When you are looking to have a Custom Song written for that special someone, you want to make sure you communicate enough to your artists so that they will be able to really make your song special and completely unique to you and your loved one.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking about some things you might want to include when you’re filling out the lyrics portion of your Custom Song order.

  1. Think about your first date. What was it like? Where did you go? If you can still remember her hair or if you’ll never forget the scent of his cologne, describe it. If you had to pick just one memory, what is one thing you remember from that date that you will never ever forget?

  1. Think about when you first met. Was it love at first sight? Or did someone play hard to get? Were you friends first and then found love?

  1. Think about your last day on the town together. Have you taken any special trips together? Maybe you both did something or learned something for the first time together? Including a mention of something that you know is special to both of you will be sure to make an impression.

  1. Think about your every day. Do you have a special place you order takeout from every Friday? Or maybe you have Saturday morning at the movie dates every other weekend (because matinee discounts rock!)? If you can paint a picture of what you love about your routine with words, what would those words be?

  1. Think about them. Your song is the story of your love, but it’s a gift for them so make sure that they shine by describing everything you love about them. If it’s not a gift but a song for your wedding or another special day, include descriptions about both of you. Describe how you’re perfectly the same or wonderfully different.

That should help get the creative juices flowing! A personalized song is something really special so take the time to make it your own.

If you were having a custom song written for you and your love, what else would you want to add? Let us know in the comments!

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