For Musicians: Tips To Find New Band Members

Tags: musician tips

You know you need one more band member and you know that finding the right band member is crucial to getting the right chemistry and finding success with your band, but finding the right musician to join your band can be a challenge. Here are some tips for finding other musicians:

Get the word out through your music scene. You never know if someone in another band is looking for a change or if members of other bands have someone in mind. Often times, it's through the music scene that you will have the best success finding a new band member.

Get Social. If your band doesn’t already have one, set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a website if you are able to. Posting and tweeting that you're looking for a new band mate is the easiest and quickest way to get the word out. Plus, through social media, you can detail exactly what you are looking for in a new band member which will hopefully get you the right kind of attention.

Place an ad. Check for free places to post a seeking musician ad. Sites like Craigslist or even musician forums are a great spot to reach a new group of people who are actively looking to join other musicians.

Advertise at the local studios and music stores. Studios and music stores will usually have a bulletin board where musicians can advertise if they are looking for a new band member. It also helps to talk to the people working at the studio/store since they network with many musicians and may be able to pass on your ad throughout their work day.

Make sure you stay reachable and always be safe when meeting someone you don't know. Ask a lot of questions over email and over the phone to make sure prospective band members will fit in with the style of music you play and your band's personality.

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