Custom Anniversary Songs

Order a custom anniversary song for the love of your life that is written and recorded by one of our talented artists. It's easy!

  1. Tell us about your love.
  2. An artist will create lyrics for your approval.
  3. Receive and share your completely original custom song.
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Custom Anniversary Songs

For just $199, a custom anniversary song is the perfect gift. All custom songs are guaranteed within two weeks. A rush option and extras are available at checkout.

Custom Song Testimonials

"Thank you very much for this... I believe with this present, I will be "good" for another year."

-Mark K. from Qatar


"My wife loved it, thank you so much!"

-Jesse W. from Arizona


"I thought Emily was very artistic and has a beautiful voice. She took the qualities of the person it was written for as well as special moments and memories that I spoke of and composed a beautiful song for our two year anniversary. When the lyrics of a song can make you cry, you know the song's a winner. My heart felt thanks to Emily for a beautiful song that we wll dance to many many times over the years to come."

-Patty M. from New York

Sample Anniversary Songs

"Together" by DeanPalya

"Our Time" by Emily2828

"It's Destiny" by mlombardi

"Nine Years Loving You" by gb1091

"Nathalie" by DeanPalya

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A custom anniversary song is the perfect anniversary gift to express your love to your partner. Give a completely personalized and unique gift on your anniversary with a custom song. A custom anniversary song is inspired by you and created by our talented musicians to create the most thoughtful anniversary gift you can give. Choose the type of artist you want to work with, tell us about you and your loved one and we will take care of the rest. All songs are guaranteed in two weeks or less.

Take your romance to a whole new level with a custom anniversary song written for your spouse or significant other. A custom anniversary song will express your love to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Our custom songs are written and created to put your unique love and special feelings to music. Custom lyrics will be created and will last a lifetime. A custom anniversary song is the perfect unique gift that will have you melting in each other’s arms.

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