Custom Birthday Songs

Order a custom birthday song that is written and recorded by one of our talented artists just for the birthday girl or boy. It's easy!

  1. Tell us about the birthday boy or girl.
  2. An artist will create lyrics for your approval.
  3. Receive and share your completely original custom song.
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custom birthday song

For just $199, a custom birthday song is the perfect gift for milestone birthdays. All custom songs are guaranteed within two weeks. A rush option and extras are available at checkout.

Custom Song Testimonials

"I have my very own song! It came out even better than I could have imagined! Love this!!"

-Marni S. from Florida

"I am so happy with the birthday song I ordered for my husband. I requested an Akon style song and provided Chris, the musician, with a lot of details. He was able to create an amazing upbeat song with very creative lyrics that worked in the details I provided and that sounded just like I was hoping. My friends and family all loved the song when we played it. It truly made for a special birthday moment."

-Heather K. from New Hampshire

"I was so excited when I read the lyrics, and even more excited when I heard the song. I couldn't think of a better gift!"

-Emily G. from Florida

Sample Birthday Songs

"Day of your Life" by cmorris88

"Happy Birthday My Friend" by martinb

"My Girl" by DeanPalya

"Only the Beginning" by cmorris88

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A custom birthday song makes the perfect birthday gift for children and adults. Give lasting memories with a unique and personalized song inspired by you and created by our talented musicians. Choose the type of artist you want to work with, tell us about your special birthday person and we will take care of the rest. All songs are guaranteed in two weeks or less.

Birthdays are a celebration of life and you can bring extra joy to any birthday party with a custom song. Custom birthday songs add a special, unique and completely personal element to any birthday event. Give the personalized gift of a custom birthday song to someone special in your life. Custom songs can be created for adults and children of all ages. Share your memories and fun thoughts of the birthday boy or girl and we will create a custom song. Be the star of the party with a very thoughtful gift.

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