Customer Feedback
Excellent seamless experience. very easy and simple process and got the song perfect!
hi the song was amazing. thank you very much
Very fast turn around and great song that my wife loved for our anniversary. Song provided a wonderful experience for both of us. Thank you so much!!
The whole process was excellent and efficient. Took us awhile to listen to the demos before coming down to a short list and then selection DeanPalya. It was easy to go through the "sampling" process and once we selected Dean, things progressed quickly. He hit the song on the first try and we only asked for a couple of minor word changes, and it was done! Fantastic! Can't wait until our daughter hears it for the first time!
Honestly I was beyond pleased with everything. Emily was amazing... she was always very prompt with getting back to me on my suggestions and what she created was a masterpiece. She was way beyond my expectations! I will definitely be working with her again. So happy with everything :)
Wonderful experience from start to finish. Dean did a masterful job of including the ideas I shared with him (lyrically and musically). He is also a consummate musician and wonderful vocalist! I would do this again in a heartbeat!
It was amazing to get a completely custom original song that was professionally put together in just 2 weeks! I loved that I was able to share my story with the song writer and he really came through with writing something that gave the vibe we were going for. I also liked that I was included in the process and I had the option to at any time suggest changes to the work. I was kind of vague with how I wanted the song to sound and Dean did a perfect job of capturing what I was trying to explain. I would absolutely recommend this site to others!
Love Love Love it! The process was very simple. Dean Palya did a fantastic job! I'm so excited to share it!
Truly a sweet expression and so thoughtfully executed. hard to believe that inspiration comes that fast! haven't given the gift to my husband yet (having a very hard time waiting) but I have no doubt that I will heed to have Kleenex handy for him when he hears it/ many thanks Joan
Great job! Thank you
Julia was awesome, very responsive and her work was on point. I ended up with a very sweet, special song for my wedding ceremony. I could not be happier or more appreciative!
Ms. Russo was excellent communicating. The lyrics were perfectly matched to what I was expecting. The website needs a little work, since some of the links were not working correctly. Other than that, great experience.
Ordered song for my daughters 25th birthday and it came out amazing. and the artist I selected, Chris Morris, were great to work with and the final product exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend this service.
Lovely voice, really easy to work with. Will definitely be getting more songs.
The song was perfect. Unique and covered most of the unique things that are shared between me and my girl. She loves it.
Emily was absolutely fantastic! Very efficient and amazingly captured the exact message and tone of what I wanted from the song! I am so pleased with the song and the overall experience! Would definitely recommend Emily to anyone! Also Heather was extremely helpful with any questions or queries and everyone wants the best for you as a customer! Thank you so much everyone but especially Emily!
He completed the song in a very short time with high quality.. I asked for a "very customized" song and he did great in creating a lyrics that includes all the details I wanted ... He has a beautiful voice as well.. Highly recommended..
Chris did an awesome job. Great at communication and coming up with something amazing.
everything went even better than i could have possibly hoped. i was very impressed with all interactions with cmorris88. he was amazing in every aspect.
I couldn't be more happy with the quality service. My messages was always responded promptly and Julia Russo's singing voice is so angelic. I felt that even though I'm on the other side of the world in Australia, there was no distance at all. Thank you for how you were able to put the lyrics together and make a beautiful song for my hubby for our 20th wedding anniversary.
Martin, You created something beautiful. I was actually speechless when I listened to the song for the very first time. The song is amazing and everything I wanted to capture. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, however you surpassed it! Thank you so much! You truly have a gift!
I really love, love the song! Julia was great, she was very sweet, and she matched the style I wanted and the lyrics as well!!! Her voice is beautiful!!!
I find the web site a little difficult to use. The service, however, and the artist, Julia Russo, were fantastic.
I couldn't be more pleased!
The song was amazing! I cannot wait to have my dad hear the song at my wedding! Thank you!!
Dean captured exactly what I wanted to say in the song. The lyrics were great. Combined with his vocals and piano they came to life. We are very happy with the outcome and will have the song forever now to remember our story. Thanks again Dean for making the process so painless and putting so much effort into telling the story.
Dean absolutely captured exactly what I was looking for. Joshua loved it and was very touched by it. Thank You!
Juliarusso was so wonderful to work with! She was very prompt, kept in touch and listened to everything I said. He voice and the song are SOO MUCH better than I even thought it would be! I will recommend this. It is a wonderful service and very special gift. Angie Wilkinson
Dean did a great job with the song! The process was quick and easy and we are thrilled with the results. He had a hard task of blending several genres and did a fantastic job. I would definitely use Custom Song again!
Emily is very talented. Not only was this all done very quickly. The nature of this song as you may know is very special to me and my family. It came out very personal and special. I can not thank you enough. It shows exactly how I feel. You will forever have a place in my heart.
Dean used the info I provided and combined it with warm sentiments into fantastic lyrics. The song pace and style matched the description I provided of what type of sound I wanted. He was responsive to the few changes in lyrics I asked for and courteous. He made sure to pronounce a name according to the phonetic instructions I provided. The song is unique and special.
Dean was fantastic! He works quickly and produced exactly what I wanted! Amazing job and I am completely satisfied with the entire process!
I am so happy with my experience! I was a little nervous to put something so personal into the hands of a stranger, especially because I am picky. But DeanPalya did an excellent job! I just listened to the song three times in a row. I am so stoked at how it turned out! Will absolutely be using CustomSong in the future, and will be referring friends!
Dean amazed me! Not only with his beautiful voice, but because he read my mind. He knew exactly how I wanted this song to sound and the words that he chose were perfect. He made this song with love, because we felt it as we heard it. It brought me tears of joy. My daughter's wedding is going to be perfect, thanks to Dean's beautiful creation. With love, Odilia
Julia was very fast and a great communicator. The lyrics are very fitting for the story and Julia's beautiful voice gave the song a haunting quality, very appropriate for the subject.
Outstanding gift Great quality and sound and an overall fantastic experience thanks Already recommended to a few friends
This was a great experience. Dean did a great job with lyrics and the piano accompaniment. When I first listened to the song, it made me cry. The only thing that could make this better is to have more interaction, or a larger box to describe 25 years. But, believe me, what's been produced is fantastic. I would use you again for other events.
I was initially hesitant about having someone create a song that I'd be giving to a loved one. But after some thought and coming upon Clifton's page (whose music samples I loved), I decided to have a go at it. The entire experience was amazing. I had practically written a novel for the lyrics description and Clifton was able to take that and alter it into a beautiful, emotional, and catchy song. I had included a personal story that was both funny and embarrassing and not at any point did I feel judged by the artist. She had no problem changing some things around and was quick to respond. I have nothing but good to say about custom song and I'll definitely be coming back!
Fantastic customer service with that personal touch from the company and the artist. As soon as I loaded this to my YouTube Channel I got lots more subscribers. Thank you so much indeed. Stephen
It was a pleasure working with Emily! She took all my words and turned them into a beautiful song. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for that special song.
This was so easy to do. The quality of the final product is excellent. Dean Palya does a great job with production as well as the music itself. GREAT!
My wife loved it, thank you so much
It was almost therapeutic to write my story for the songwriter, and when I heard the song for the first (and second, and third time) I cried. You can't beat this experience and can't explain enough how a personal song can affect you, no wonder the musicians get all the girls!
It was almost therapeutic to write my story for the songwriter, and when I heard the song for the first (and second, and third time) I cried. You can't beat this experience and can't explain enough how a personal song can affect you, no wonder the musicians get all the girls!
Great experience. I only wish I had more time and didn't put a time rush on it. If so, I hope that I could have interacted with the artist more. As it was, we didn't interact much. Not sure how well the artists take feedback but given the time rush, this was a great experience and I look forward to working with you guys again!
The artist did an excellent job creating the lyrics from the source material I provided. I would have liked to received a response to my message to the artist prior to hearing the final piece. Nevertheless, I did receive the feedback from the artist and the lyrics were corrected per my request. Most importantly the recipient of the song was very pleased and enjoyed it.
The artist was excellent, he meet every request and was great to work with. Worth every penny and would do again in a heartbeat.
Chris took the information I provided and created a song fit for the airways. He was responsive and extremely helpful. I truly love the song he wrote, sang, and produced for my husband. It brings me to tears each time I hear it. In addition, Karen provided excellent customer service as well. I am thrilled with this purchase. Thank you!
The song is perfect - almost. I should have pointed it out in the lyrics description. Our sons name, Milos, is pronounced "Mee-los". It's a bit of an issue because a lot of people pronounce it like My-los and that's been a pep-peeve of sorts for Maria. When we came up with the name we just didn't think it could be pronounced any differently than Mee-los and she doesn't like the alternate pronunciation at all. Bummer. Martin, I can't blame you. I should have explained the spelling in the description. Anyway I think she'll still love it. Just need to figure out a way to make her laugh about the name thing. UPDATE: The artist saw this feedback and immediately re-recorded the song with the correct pronunciation in time for mother's day!
I thought Emily was very artistic and has a beautiful voice. She took the qualities of the person it was written for as well as special moments and memories that I spoke of and composed a beautiful song for our two year anniversary. When the lyrics of a song can make you cry, you know the song's a winner. My heart felt thanks to Emily for a beautiful song that we wll dance to many many times over the years to come.
The song is absolutely epic! Thanks so much!
The song is fantastic and exceeded my expectations! It definitely captures the mood of the characters for my project. I will use Emily and CustomSong again.
Thank you Martin. You are an outstanding songwriter and musician.
Great idea to make this service available everyone and I can't wait to put this song to video and share it with friends and family. Thank you very much for this (and thx to huffington post for pointing it out to me)..........I believe with this present, I will be "good" for another year.
I have my very own song! It came out even better than I could have imagined! Love this!!
This was an extremely easy process! Hardest part was thinking of what I wanted in the song! Dean was really quick and really talented! I can't wait to tell and show everyone about my new song!!!
Emily was great to work with and created a beautiful song in a short amount of time. My almost 1 year old already loves dancing to the song!
Thanks CustomSong, the tune is super catchy fun and fresh!
DeanPalya was very responsive and communicated quickly.
Dean was fantastic. It's like he really knew us. He was able to capture the spirit of what I was hoping to communicate from the very first draft. I was very moved by his lyrics and am eager to share my Custom Song with everyone. Thank you!
Ms. Clifton is a fantastic artist. Extremely friendly, very responsive, willing to work with me (I'm picky) to make it perfect, and overall it was a fantastic experience working with her. I would strongly recommend this artist for any projects!
My Wife and I could not have been more pleased. After sending Dean the words/emotions that we wanted in the song, he took that and created a song that was right in-line with what we wanted. From the type of music that my daughter listens, to the words that capture our thoughts. Communicating with the artist, Dean Palya, and working with him was easy. He was able to capture our ideas and music the first time which made the experience easy. A big "Thank you" to Dean. My daughter truly enjoyed the song and considers it a very special gift.
I am so happy with the birthday song I ordered for my husband. I requested an Akon style song and provided Chris, the musician, with a lot of details. He was able to create an amazing upbeat song with very creative lyrics that worked in the details I provided and that sounded just like I was hoping. My friends and family all loved the song when we played it. It truly made for a special birthday moment.
I am so happy with the Mother's Day Song Ms. Clifton created for my mom! I was so amazed at the way she took all the details I sent her and turned them into a cohesive story. I was so excited when I read the lyrics, and even more excited when I heard the song. I can't wait to give the song to my mom for Mother's Day. I know she'll be so touched by the personal lyrics and Raven's beautiful music & voice! I couldn't think of a better gift!
Working with a talented artist like Dean Palya made this a five star experience. On the first try, he was able to capture the sound and lyrics to a perfect song with very little to go on. I especially appreciated the promptness of his emails making this a truly fun experience. Communicating directly to the artist via emails was a definite plus. You could not go wrong working with Dean. The only problem now is having to wait for the perfect time to present it to the family!
Thank you.
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